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Voyage, Voyage: Fashion Escapism with Ana Duarte

Ana Duarte and James at Ana's studio

Born in Lisbon in 1991 Ana Duarte has steadfast forged her place in the fashion industry, not only as a skilled and ambitious designer but as a serious businesswoman with her eyes fixed steadily on the prize.

After completing her BA in Fashion and Design in Lisbon in 2012, Duarte wasted no time taking knitwear classes, volunteering backstage at Moda Lisboa and building up her portfolio. A portfolio, which catapulted her straight into one of the competitive spots at the London College of Fashion, where she obtained her Master’s degree.

Fast forward to today she is now the creative director of her own international sportswear luxury brand, Duarte. Having made her Moda Lisboa debut in 2015 under the Young Blood (Novo Sangue) platform and again in 2016 receiving an honourable mention, Duarte is now a firm favourite and showcases regularly at the event. And as if those weren’t enough achievements, the multi-talent is also a published illustrator.

 From Nevada to India: Escapism as a concept

When it comes to fashion, Duarte’s biggest inspiration is nature. Constructed upon a palette of dreamy celestial blue tones and details of candy apple red, each garment in Duarte’s last Autum/Winter collection evokes the feeling of a faraway arctic oasis. With daring knitwear alongside elegant wool print details “Nevada” undeniably reflects our modern desire to slow down and escape our hectic lives for a while. A theme that remains equally prevalent in Duarte’s latest Summer/Spring line: This time she takes us on an exotic trip to the Indian jungle with soft printed silks in vibrant colours and prints.

We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait to see what this #StreetStyleRebel is up to next.

Catch Ana Duarte at #StyleOutLoud on March 8th in Teatro Capitólio, where she’ll be teaming up with our artists to create a new music and style experience.

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Ana Duarte runway at Modalisboa

Photo: Ugo Camera, (c) Modalisboa

Ana Duarte runway at Modalisboa

Photo: Ugo Camera, (c) Modalisboa

Ana Duarte runway at Modalisboa

Photo: Ugo Camera, (c) Modalisboa

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