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What does it mean to be human? Real talk with Sangue Novo’s Carla Campos

Carla Campos Portrait

The boldness of Carla Campos’ Spring/Summer 2018 menswear collection “Human” didn’t just come from its urban 80s and 90s street style and sportswear inspirations, but also from its equally bold statement: We’re all human and even when we try to conceal it, we go through a rollercoaster of emotions.

Duct tape covers the mouths of her models as they march down the runway with stern looks on their faces. They’re silenced by anxiety. Anger. Madness. Hope. Love. Literally.

Marcel Schlutt of Kaltblut Magazine summed it up quite beautifully: “‘Human’ is a…self-portrait together with a vision about society to emphasize the importance of feeling.

“Being, in a mechanized, numb and masked world. Where the genuine sinks and ‘perfection’ overlaps ‘human failures,”.

“I want to address people and tell them you don’t have to suffer in silence. You’re not alone” ‘
– Carla Campos

When the 25-year old designer addresses suffering and the pressure that comes with a fear of failure, her personal experiences go beyond those of the many people her age.

Being financially self-dependent ever since she moved out from her parent’s home at 18, Campos had to quit studying journalism when she lost one of her two jobs. Where others would have given up, she says she quickly learned how to pull herself up by her own bootstraps: “Life is a test and you should really try to ace it!” said Campos.

After a friend helped her to a job in the textile industry, Campos pursued her passion for fashion and graduated from Modatex Lisbon in 2016.

Fast forward to her Lisbon Fashion Week debut a year later, the newcomer pulled together an entire 26 piece collection within just one month: working full-time and sewing at night by herself. 

“Music is a big influence on what I do. I create an environment with the music. The lyrics, the beats and the artist’s personal life too” – Carla Campos

While Campos considers creating a self-portrait of her experiences as a human integral to her future work, the designer says doesn’t want to be put in a box when it comes to her design aesthetic.

“I don’t have a specific style in what I do, but with everything I do I put my mark on it, I want people to know that it’s my design.

“The things that happened to me in the past influence the way I research, the way I look for new inspirations. 

“I create another me, ‘Another Carla’,” says Campos. 

Music is integral to the creation of her brand, as Andre3000 and Portuguese Hip Hop artists helped Carla define her own personal style, which she says in turn became a shield of sorts. Learning to navigate through feelings of discomfort or anxiety to find your own way to feel confident and comfortable with yourself is a lesson that she aims to pass on to others with her designs.

We don’t know about you, but we’re charmed by this strong #StreetStyleRebel.

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Carla Campos Runway photo. Photo Credit: Ugo Camera,

Photo Credit: Ugo Camera,

Carla Campos Runway photo. Photo Credit: Ugo Camera,

Photo Credit: Ugo Camera,

Carla Campos Runway photo. Photo Credit: Ugo Camera,

Photo Credit: Ugo Camera,

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