Teatro Capitólio

Photo by Leonor Fonseca

This is


More than a concert, D’Alva’s stage experience is like having them as a host to an old school New York block party with a punk rock attitude, an 808 rhythm, African sweat, Brazilian balance and some Portuguese pop sensitivity. This has been the rule ever since Alex D’Alva Teixeira and Ben Monteiro started working together.



“3 tempos” has gotten Portugal dancing and asking “what is this?”. One Year later, “Homologação” becomes the song that bridges on to the coming debut album. D’Alva now becomes a collective. Ben Monteiro (so far in charge of production) gets together with Vitor H. Azevedo (ex-Iconoclasts), Gonçalo de Almeida (Tiago Guillul) and Ricardo Ramos (ex-Iconoclasts) for what is now D’Alva’s live show.

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