Teatro Capitólio

Photo by Hugo Domingues

This is


22 year old Portuguese solo artist Surma presents a body of breathtaking sound designs and heartwarming tracks on her debut record, ‘Antwerpen’ - out now on Omnichord Records.


Following a promising glimpse with what to expect on ‘Hemma’, Surma AKA Débora Umbelino takes us deeper into a 10-track journey though her cosmic psyche.


By taking in angelic lullabies and ambient orchestrations of beatific, mind-opening sonic environments, the record leaves the listener pining for a primal, yet peaceful existence.


With every track labeled in a different language, translating to elemental words like ‘place’, ‘travel’, and ‘origin’, the music somehow embodies the stillness of ‘home’ in an ever-shifting world.

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